The Weiss School Makes History

Brittany Theimer
WPTV 5 News: Weiss School students part of SpaceX project

WPBF 25 News: Student-created satellite makes it onto SpaceX launch

CNN Article: SpaceX to launch 64 satellites in record-breaking mission

LA Times Article: 64 Small Satellites to Ride Into Space Monday on Falcon 9 Rocket

GeekWire Article: Third time's the charm: SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket launches a record 64 satellites for Spaceflight

GeekWire Article: Spaceflight's SmallSat Express rounds up more than 70 satellites for SpaceX launch

SpaceFlight Industries: The Weiss School-Florida Middle Schoolers to Send Astrobiology Satellite to Space

WeissSat-1 Satellite Tracker

SSO-A Official Launch Discussion & Updates Thread
The Weiss School is a co-ed private school that serves gifted students in PreK-3 through 8th grade in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A Weiss School education prepares students to think analytically and creatively, act socially responsible, live vigorously, and create imaginatively in a warm and supportive educational environment.