Community Outreach Program

Our Weiss School Community Outreach program helps our students make the world around us a better place. This program introduces students to philanthropic pursuits as we encourage students and their families to get involved and assist in providing services and resources to the surrounding community.

We demonstrate how volunteering enhances the quality of life for our students and members of our community, as well as people in various parts of the world. Collaboration with other service organizations for small school activities and even worldwide partnerships helps develop leadership qualities in our gifted students.

Student Government

Students who participate in Student Government learn the skill of collaboration, as well as obtain a valuable look into the framework of how the school operates. In addition, Student Government officers learn to represent the interests of their fellow students; to promote ethical behavior, honesty, fairness, and integrity; and to interact with adult leaders. Students and faculty supervisors plan for school dances and events, as well as, volunteer and fund raising activities and projects.

In addition, officers of the Student Government are responsible for the following events for Weiss School students:

  • Hosting three middle school dances at our school.
  • Planning and holding a Parents Night Out event, allowing the students to come to the school and have pizza and watch movies, while their parents go out.
  • Brainstorming improvements for The Weiss School by putting stepping stones in our garden and raising money for new lockers.

National Junior and National Elementary Honor Societies

In collaboration with the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), and National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS) we recognize and endorse students in the elementary and middle school grades not only for their academic achievement, but also for their exceptional achievements in the following categories: character, citizenship, leadership, scholarship, and service.

The National Junior Honor Society is comprised of members who present strong principles and commendable character on a continuous basis. They are committed to service in the community by employing their individual abilities and skillfulness. The National Elementary and National Junior Honor Society members serve as role models for the rest of the student body to emulate.