Student Life

Student Life

At The Weiss School, a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, committed parents and motivated students are in a collaborative community, focused on developing the whole child for success in school and in life. The Weiss School offers a specifically designed curriculum serving Early Childhood through 8th grade. Discover for yourself the difference The Weiss School can make in your gifted child’s education.

Events & Ceremonies

Our tradition of events and celebrations is our way of expressing the educational experience in a manner that adds more meaning and purpose to students at The Weiss School. Together we honor accomplishments, learn from each other, and share many good times, which will make lifelong memories for the entire family.

Parent and Student Back to School Night! Orientation
On an evening just a few days before the start of school, students and parents are invited to meet the teachers, administration and staff. Each new family meets their grade level “ambassador family.” This family serves as a resource to all new families in that grade level.

Early Childhood/Kindergarten Orientation
Before the first day of school, three fun sessions are held for these three classes. The children have the opportunity to play together and the parents can meet and socialize. These “get acquainted” sessions make the first day of school a much easier day for all, especially the Moms and the Dads!

Get Acquainted Fall Family Barbecue
Come to an old fashion afternoon of fun! A picnic which includes field games, music and great food is a guarantee! Meet new friends and rekindle old friendships at this event, which sets the stage for a year long of camaraderie among all Weiss families.

Middle School Dance (3 times/year)
Middle School students in grades 6th -8th are encouraged to attend the dances, which occur throughout the year. These evenings of socialization are great fun! Refreshments are served and a great DJ is always present. Money raised from tickets sales are used for middle school activities.

Halloween Trunk or Treat Parade and Events
Trunk or TreatEach year the students are allowed to come to school dressed in their tasteful Halloween costume selection. It is not the place for gory, bloody costumes, weapon carrying or other inappropriate choices. Questions regarding costume selection should be presented to the homeroom teacher. The day begins with a parade for the parents and area businesses. Age appropriate parties and activities are held later in the day. Students need to bring with them their regular Weiss attire to change into after the parade.




Thanksgiving Day Feast

Winter Holiday Show
Each year all students are involved in an exciting school-wide presentation. The spirit of celebrating our differences and acknowledging our similarities is always the theme. The Weiss School becomes an extension of family as we join together in song and dance during this special time of year. It is expected that all students participate in this meaningful event.

Candy House Extravaganza
Sugar overload is expected at this annual event. All children bring in a cake of their choice to decorate for their family dinner. A wide variety of candies, cookies and decorating items are supplied to the students once the icing is on the cakes. The aroma of sugar reaches Military Trail and A1A, as the students try to ”outdo” their previous year’s creation. The extravagance of the products increases with each year of experience in this culinary event. The Weiss School would definitely be “off limits” to all dieters on this morning preceding the Winter Holiday Break.

Spirit Week
This fun filled week follows Standardized Testing Week and includes a variety of fun filled events. The fun begins each day as the students come dressed to school in a creative outfit or accessory fitting a particular theme. Each year the attire changes and the costumes get more wild and fun-loving!

The Auction Gala

The auction is the biggest event of the year. Each year the parents combine forces spreading an infectious enthusiasm to surpass the previous year’s gala! The evening includes silent auction, a live auction and a delicious five-course dinner. The setting is lush with the year’s theme from center pieces to auction displays. I encourage everyone to attend this worthwhile event. The proceeds enable us to offer opportunities to the students that make our school distinct unlike any other. It is only through your participation in this gala that we can truly support our motto, Top of the World in Education!

Early Childhood Recognition Ceremony
The four year old graduates will mark the completion of their Early Childhood education with a simple yet significant cap and gown ceremony. For many of these students this day marks the beginning of their formal education at The Weiss School. For others this will be the first good bye in their educational pursuits.

Elementary Student Recognition Ceremony
The last Thursday evening of the school year is divided between two grade-cluster student recognition ceremonies. Parents of K-2nd assemble at 6:00 followed by a 7:30 ceremony for parents of students 3rd through 5th grade. Each student receives a certificate stating their accomplishments throughout the school year. Each class will perform a musical selection, which provides great entertainment to this evening of accolades. Students are asked to dress in their “Sunday Best”.

Middle School Student Recognition and Graduation 
The Sunday evening prior to the last day of school is a celebration with dinner, dancing and awards. Each Middle School student is honored with a certificate for their accomplishments throughout the school year. Local, state and national merits of award are presented and each member of the graduating class is given a trophy of graduation. Dinner precedes the award presentation and dancing follows it. Dress is definitely “Sunday Best” at this dignified ceremony.

Friday Morning Show
A morning assembly for the entire student body takes place on Fridays at 8:45 AM. This ceremony includes the entrance of each class into the Greta Faigen Theatre led by a student carrying the classroom American Flag. The students salute the flag in unison and sing the National Anthem. The ceremony concludes with a student talent or classroom talent highlight. This fifteen-minute event is a moving experience for all. Parents are welcome to attend.

Day Field Trips
Students in K-8th attend many field trips throughout the year that support The Weiss School curriculum and course of study. Students must wear the proper Weiss School field trip attire on these days, unless told otherwise by the sponsoring teacher.

Overnight Field Trips
All 3rd through 8th grade students have an overnight field trip. This trip is optional and parents are encouraged to participate. Guidelines for parent participation are printed in The Weiss School Student Handbook. Attire and procedures are explained by the sponsoring teacher. Typical destinations with approximate dates are as follows:

3rd and 4th grade - Cape Canaveral
5th, 6th and 7th Grade- Boston/Williamsburg/Virginia/New York
8th grade-Washington D.C.- October