Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades

The Weiss School is an independent, private school. We offer an alternative to Palm Beach County Elementary School Gifted Programs.

Our primary program addresses children's natural curiosity and desire to know why and how things work. The nurturing learning environment at The Weiss School encourages young learners to explore their world and to engage in creative problem-solving.

As an Independent Private Elementary School for gifted students situated in Palm Beach County, The Weiss School is focused on students who have accelerated learning capabilities. Our motto and mission is Inspiring Bright Minds.

We provide opportunities to engage curiosity and imagination by using projects as launch pads, enabling students to approach learning and exploration through the eyes of authors, historians, mathematicians, and scientists.

Our strategically designed Primary School program, set up as an alternative to the Palm Beach County Elementary Gifted Schools encompasses kindergarten, first and second grades for gifted students in a nurturing environment. This setting for our students facilitates the acquisition of values such as personal responsibility, concern for others, and commitment to functioning as beneficial members of society.

The Primary School program implements state-of-the-art technology through interdisciplinary best practices. We encourage children in these early grades to learn to work cooperatively, and to begin developing and using higher-level thinking skills.

Learning Styles and Academics

Weiss gifted primary students have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities and situations that incorporate various learning style preferences. This early step lays an important foundation for the learning styles assessment in second grade at The Weiss School.


Kindergarten Class

Our engaging gifted kindergarten curriculum concentrates on the essentials of literacy, math, science, and social studies. The curriculum and teaching approach strategically meets each students’ individual needs.

Our gifted kindergarten program incorporates a thematic approach, linking different subject areas, maintaining continuity, and implementing real world applications. Kindergarten children learn to work cooperatively and utilize higher level thinking skills.

Balanced with academics are opportunities for our students to develop their fine and gross motor skills, to gain individual insight for self-awareness, to interact socially and attend weekly classes in the following:



  • Art
  • Foreign Language
  • Music
  • TaeKwonDo
  • Physical Education
  • Technology

Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Oral language development and phonological awareness in a whole group and small group activities inspire a love for reading in each student.
  • Incorporates a writing program that combines inventive spelling with accuracy of high frequency words learned; students also safely express their thoughts in regular journal entries.
  • Understands and practices mathematical objectives through hands-on lessons.
  • Construct picture and bar graphs that link across the curriculum with other subjects.
  • Master basic concepts in addition and subtraction, money, measurement, time, and geometry. Supplements higher-level math activities and multi-level technological math programs to help challenge students to meet higher objectives.
  • Promotes creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.
  • Includes implementation of science objectives across other academic areas.
  • Incorporates the use of problem solving, and hands-on activities and experiments.
  • Addresses self, family relationships, and community responsibilities and relationships.
  • Incorporates exploration of community and the elements of community, such as neighborhoods, community helpers, families, and current events.
  • Facilitates outward expansion of self to community and helps students realize their significance to society.
  • Provides opportunity to explore important holidays and traditions around the world.

First Grade


Our first grade curriculum is strategically designed for our students. It helps them develop critical thinking skills, become problem-solvers, and learn to collaborate with their peers.

At The Weiss School we encourage creativity and inspire young, bright minds. Our first grade curriculum includes academic subjects such as language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students learn and participate in art, foreign languages, music, Taekwondo, physical education, and technology.

First Grade Curriculum

  • Supports early readers and writers.
  • Integrates math, science, and social studies topics through literature selections and writing opportunities.
  • Provides students with opportunities to experience real-world writing through the creation of a grade level newspaper.
  • Makes literature come alive through authentic experiences
  • Immerses students in hands-on math activities, such as our 100th day celebration.
  • Encourages learning by doing according to learning style; for example, tactile students use geometric shapes and create sculptures, while visual and auditory students use our interactive white board.
  • Facilitates better understanding of the base-ten numeration system and place-value concepts.
  • Develops students' ability to quickly recall addition facts, related subtraction facts, and fluency with multi-digit addition and subtraction
  • Develops students' understanding of linear measurement and facility in measuring lengths.
  • Focuses on the environment and our relationship to it.
  • Provides the foundation for numerous scientific experiences.
  • Encourages integration across disciplines, creating positive attitudes in students toward science.
  • Emphasizes technology and research skills as necessary tools for scientific reasoning and discovery.
  • Addresses the relationship between the classroom and the world.
  • Encourages exploration of the world through the use of map and globe skills, and navigation of a “virtual” continental world tour.
  • Facilitates discovery of the economic, geographical, and cultural aspects of each country visited.

Second Grade


Our second grade classes at The Weiss School continue to address the curious minds of our young, gifted students. We encourage their creativity and exploration, while offering second graders the opportunity to use advanced technology. Our second grade curriculum covers academic subjects including language arts, mathematics, reading, science, and social studies. Our second grade students also enjoy weekly classes in art, foreign languages, music, Taekwondo, physical education, and technology.

Our second grade curriculum is designed specifically for our young gifted students. Through the curriculum they explore and understand how things work, engage in creative problem-solving, and form collaborative peer relationships.

Second Grade Curriculum

  • Exposes students to basic grammar skills, including parts of speech and their relationships to one another, helping them to develop confidence using English in both written and spoken word.
  • Introduces students to a broad range of types of writing, such as expository, research-based, narrative, debate, informative, and persuasive writing.
  • Helps students progress from single sentences to paragraph summaries through the full writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, editing, revising, and publishing.
  • Teaches students to apply writing crafts, including author’s voice, proper writing conventions, descriptive writing, including vivid verbs and adjectives, and word choice.
  • Introduces students to the wonder of reading through a number of genres, including classic literature, poetry, tall tales, fairy tales, and more.
  • Teaches students to master story elements, including characters, setting, plot (introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution), conflict, and resolution.
  • Helps students become proficient in reading comprehension strategies, such as making connections (self-self, text-text, text-world), inferencing, summarizing, and questioning.
  • Promotes students' understanding of the four types of author’s purpose (pursuade, inform, entertain, and describe).
  • Provides real-world context, with rich, challenging curriculum embedded with practical approaches, combined with manipulatives and hands-on learning activities.
  • Introduces real world problems in an interdisciplinary manner, with naturally integrated topics.
  • Helps students’ master 2-digit and 3-digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, data and measurement, and other functions, through higher-level thinking.
  • Facilitates students' participation in an invention forum.
  • Informs students in how to research topics on particular science topics.
  • Teaches students the full scientific method, research procedures, lab and safety procedures, and how to construct a lab report; students will perform a number of hands-on experiments and explorations based upon a broad range of topics
  • Takes students on a virtual journey from community to state, to region, to nation, to the world.
  • Introduces students to mapping and geography, landforms, region and state studies, U.S. presidents and the U.S. branches of government.
  • Facilitates completion of hands-on interdisciplinary projects, including globe pumpkins, 3-D maps, 3-D landform maps, state fair presentations, and presidential speeches.