Mission & Philosophy

"At The Weiss School, we understand the unique needs of gifted children and provide a highly individualized educational program that addresses challenges, builds upon strengths, and unleashes the potential of each young mind we serve."


The mission of The Weiss School is to foster a community of reflective, compassionate, and uniquely gifted students through a differentiated curriculum that promotes global awareness, leadership, and critical thinking skills. The educational experience at The Weiss School provides students with endless opportunities to develop problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills.


The philosophy of The Weiss School is that classroom studies have no limits and educational material is presented to gifted students in ways that compliment their learning styles through their incorporation of higher-order thinking and creativity skills. The philosophy of The Weiss School is shared by the administration, teachers, parents, and students. 

At The Weiss School, learning is transformed into an enjoyable, fulfilling experience and each child develops the ability to communicate, assimilate, and apply new knowledge to formulate ideas and to reason. A caring educational environment fosters values that include personal responsibility, concern for fellow students and staff, and the desire to function as a beneficial member of society.
    • Lego challenge

    • Students play the recorders in the spring concert

    • Students practice opening their lockers at the beginning of school

    • Pre-K students have fun on crazy hat day

The Weiss School is a co-ed private school that serves gifted students in PreK-3 through 8th grade in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A Weiss School education prepares students to think analytically and creatively, act socially responsible, live vigorously, and create imaginatively in a warm and supportive educational environment.