Dr. Story Musgrave

Brittany Steele
“Space Adventures and Gifted Education”

On September 14, 2016, The Weiss School STEM Center of Excellence hosted Dr. Story Musgrave, who was the inaugural speaker for the Weiss School Distinguished Speaker Series. Dr. Musgrave was a 6-time NASA astronaut, Hubble repairman, trauma surgeon, pilot, architect, pilot, artist, poet, educator….a modern day Renaissance Man. He spent the day at The Weiss School speaking with students and staff about Space Exploration and his experience as a NASA astronaut while interacting with Weiss School students who were building the WeissSat1 CubeSat satellite. Dr. Musgrave also spoke to students, parents, and community members during a special interactive evening event. News coverage of his visit was captured by several local media outlets.

The Weiss School is a co-ed private school that serves gifted students in PreK-3 through 8th grade in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. A Weiss School education prepares students to think analytically and creatively, act socially responsible, live vigorously, and create imaginatively in a warm and supportive educational environment.