We are a unique school that unleashes the full potential of gifted children in early education through 8th grade.
We offer individualized education where student’s advance at their own pace.


Inspiring bright minds.


Why Gifted Education?

77%Of teachers agree that the needs of advanced students take a back seat in traditional schools.

98%Of teachers report that advanced students are taught with curriculum and instruction specifically designed for their abilities.

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99%Of parents of Weiss students say that their child is excelling and growing thanks to the individualized learning they receive at Weiss.See why a gifted education

The Weiss Method

  • Students learn critical thinking, high-level communication and leadership skills
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Subjects are integrated so students use their full brain to solve real world problems
  • Students learn based on their own unique learning style - audio, visual, or tactile.
  • Advanced classes in every subject including foreign language, arts and physical education.

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95% of Weiss School students go on to be in the top 10% of their high school class.

What's Happening at Weiss


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Spring 2015 Book Fair Spring Book Fair

April 27th - May 1st     8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

If you would like to see what we will have CLICK HERE.


April 1, 2015 Debate Tournament

Debate_April 1, 2015

The following students did a stellar job at the last local of the season:
Madi Cate: 1st in Oral Interpretation
Asher Moss: 1st in Congress
Michael Evrard: 1st in Congress
Dhilan Krishnasamy: 3rd in Congress

While Jennifer Secrest and Tony Pernas did not place in Public Forum, I am incredibly proud of their performance. This was their first time in this event and they WON their first round and TIED the second round. It was very close!
So proud of our team this year and we thank you for all your support.

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