We are a unique school that unleashes the full potential of gifted children in early education through 8th grade.
We offer individualized education where students advance at their own pace.


Inspiring bright minds.


Why Gifted Education?

77%Of teachers agree that the needs of advanced students take a back seat in traditional schools.

98%Of teachers report that advanced students are taught with curriculum and instruction specifically designed for their abilities.

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99%Of parents of Weiss students say that their child is excelling and growing thanks to the individualized learning they receive at Weiss.See why a gifted education

The Weiss Method

  • Students learn critical thinking, high-level communication and leadership skills
  • Students learn at their own pace
  • Subjects are integrated so students use their full brain to solve real world problems
  • Students learn based on their own unique learning style - audio, visual, or tactile.
  • Advanced classes in every subject including foreign language, arts and physical education.



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95% of Weiss School students go on to be in the top 10% of their high school class.

What's Happening at Weiss


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The Weiss School competes for the first time at Florida History Fair and will be competing at National History Day Next!

TeslaTwenty-five Weiss School students competed in the Junior Division (making up 63% of the students in the Palm Beach Division). Our students presented 9 different projects.


NHDNanako, Asher and Zoe are going to the Nationals! They also received the Palm Beach Outstanding County Award. This award is awarded to the single best project from each county, Senior or Junior division.

This is an accomplishment that is difficult to explain if you've never competed in NHD before. Any group or individual making it to Nationals is an achievement. For three of our students to make it their very first year competing is AMAZING!!! Congratulations to all of our students who competed.

Weiss School representatives, Alexa P. and Daniella S. competed successfully at the 2016 Florida State Taekwondo Championship on April 22-23 in Orlando, Florida. The divisions in this event served as direct qualifiers for the 2016 USAT National Championships to be held in Richmond, Virginia on July 4-10, 2016.

alexa kick smallAlexa P. won the 1st place Gold medal in the Black Belt Weapons division. She also competed in the demanding Black BeltCadet Poomsae division 12-14., taking the 3rd place Bronze medal in the final round, which qualified her to compete in the World Class division at the US. Nationals.

Daniella S. brought home the Bronze medal.  She competed in the 10-11 Red Belt Poomsae division.

Congratulations to both girls and good luck at the Nationals this summer!

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