Affording a Weiss School Education


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Scholarship Opportunities

Florida Tax Scholarship (FTS) is an income-based scholarship with eligibility determined by the state. Parents may apply and check eligibility requirements online at All supporting documentation must be submitted. If you qualify, FTS will notify you, the parent. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school of their eligibility for FTS. FTS funds will first be used to cover any financial aid award given. Any tuition or fees not covered by the scholarship is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Families receiving FTS must reapply for the scholarship each year and are responsible for notifying the school concerning continued eligibility.

Financial Aid

The Weiss School realizes that the cost of an independent school education may not be within the reach of all families. As part of our mission to support gifted education, The Weiss School seeks to attract mission-appropriate students who may not be able to afford our tuition. Therefore, we offer limited need-based Financial Aid to students who qualify.  The goal of the Financial Aid Program is to assist as many students as possible in an equitable manner.

Financial Aid Applications are processed through FAST, a division of Independent School Management. This allows for a standardized and impartial process using a secure website. Grants are allocated according to best practices for Financial Aid as established by the National Association for Independent Schools.

Financial Aid Grants are awarded based on a demonstrated need for financial support within the limits of the School’s Financial Aid budget. Financial Aid awards are granted on an annual basis. Subsequent grants will be based on timely submission of a current and complete Financial Aid Application, and the determination of a continued need for support. Families currently receiving Financial Aid have priority over new applicants as long as the continued need for support is demonstrated. All Financial Aid matters, including the financial data you submit, are treated with the strictest confidence by the school. Families are asked to honor this policy as well.

Apply for Financial Aid

Below are helpful Parent User Guides to assist you with any questions.

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