Board of Trustees


Bill Tillson - Chairman

Bill is a devoted father with a deep interest in gifted education, great enthusiasm for the Weiss School and a very positive vision for its future. 
In addition, Bill also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Encompass Digital Media, a global leader in the field of broadcast services with facilities in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Buenos Aires, Singapore and London.
In his long career in the industry, he has not only overseen the launch of more than 250 cable networks around the world, but has also originated major TV networks like the Disney Channel, Starz Encore and TVN.
With 30 years of experience and as the recipient of two Executive of the Year awards, Bill Tillson brings to The Weiss School Board an ideal combination of leadership, innovation and passion.

Dr. Martin D. Weiss - Trustee Emeritus

Dr. Martin D. Weiss, co-founder of The Weiss School and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, has dedicated his life to education of all age groups.

As an American teenager growing up in Brazil, he organized and taught tutorial classes for fellow high school students in English,and Portuguese grammar, math and biology. After returning to the U.S., he joined the Berlitz School of Languages and became that school’s youngest instructor in its history, helping to develop its globally acclaimed Total Immersion method for teaching foreign languages. And later, by designing dozens of custom books for infants, he taught his son to read in two languages by the age of three.

With this personal experience in education, Dr. Weiss went on to create two companies — Weiss Research to educate adults about the global economy and The Weiss School to educate gifted children. And today, both have been a success — the former serving 600,000 loyal readers and the latter providing the gifted education that has been so widely acclaimed in the South Florida community.

Dr. Weiss holds a bachelor’s degree from New York University and a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Columbia University. He is fluent in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, English and other languages.

Elisabeth Weiss - Trustee

Elisabeth Weiss is co-founder of The Weiss School, and was its first Head of School, overseeing all curriculum, planning, training, enrollment and more. In that role, she successfully built it from a small, one-room classroom of just eight students in 1989 to a beacon of gifted education in Palm Beach County in less than ten years.

Mrs. Weiss created a unique learning environment combining a thematic curriculum that integrated multiple subjects and cutting edge technology. She was the first in the county to introduce a cross-disciplinary thematic approach to the curriculum and the first in the nation to establish taekwondo as a primary focus of physical education.

In addition, she dedicated 12 years to serving as the school’s psychologist and counselor, helping hundreds of students — along with their parents and grandparents — to achieve great successes during their years at The Weiss School.

Mrs. Weiss holds an Elementary School Teacher’s Degree from Instituto Educacional Sud Mennucci of Brazil, a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from New York University, and a Gifted Certification from South Florida University.

She is fluent in Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish as well as other languages.

Eric Jablin - Trustee

Steve Cohen - Trustee